FBSH - Fantastic Baby Shakalaka

"We don’t follow trends or fast fashion here at F.B.S.H. Our entire collection is intended to be mixed and matched to create several different looks, that can be built upon with your own personal style. You can dress it up and make it cute and sexy or strip it down for a comfy cool vibe. We are not afraid to be ourselves and to let our love of colour shine through.

Each piece is designed with an enormous amount of thought and consideration, to ensure we provide the best quality pieces that not only look amazing but make you feel fantastic baby! Our collection includes the highest quality digital printing that doesn’t distort when worn and we use natural fibres in the majority of the collection.

Our garments are designed to keep for a long time, not throw away. This is reinforced in our customised garment care labels. We use Biodegradable and compostable poly bags and mailers which will disintegrate in your compost!

We do not mass produce or restock, so if you love it then get it before it's gone!"